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“Career Selection” should begin at high school level, itself. Knowledge of : (i) practical field aspects, (ii) variety of career-options with their pros & cons, (iii) current job scenario & future industry trends, as well as, (iv) individual's capabilities match & preferences - is essential, for good decision making. Our rich experience can shape your professional life, the best.

History of Traditional Career Choices

Govt. Job?        Lawyers?       Engineers?       Doctors?       Chartered Accountants?        Teachers?


India, after it's freedom in 1947 was a struggling & developing country. 

Most of the top leaders, of the country, were advocates by profession and a big agenda on priority was construction - both of civil & mechanical projects, offcourse involving the essential electrical components, as well. And medical infrastructure, too, was a big necessity for the new Independent nation. Teaching, being an ever respected occupation historically wherein the clerical administrative jobs were a status symbol among middle class Indian society. 

All above factors combined, a major emphasis on these 6 - 7 career options was quite obvious. Adding to this were the Indian movies mostly portraying their key characters, in any of the above roles, influenced the choice for a career among the masses.

Subsequent to initial 35 - 40 years, the automobiles boom began during mid 1980's with inception of 2 Indo-Japanese JV's : Maruti-Suzuki & Hero-Honda. It also almost coincided with introduction of computers in India. So Electronics Engineering, alongwith, Automobile & Mechanical Engineering streams came into lime-light. The old, evergreen stream of Civil Engineering started losing it's sheen. . 

Late 1990's began witnessing the fruits of opening economy, with finance & insurance sectors getting opened up for private players. MS Windows also brought about a big revolution - all these leading to - The Computer Science topping the list, Financial & Insurance related career choices leading ahead. And, alongside the increasing electricity demand fueled the power sector reforms - resulting in the core engineering sector also booming. Civil Engineers were in demand as never in the past 50 years. Urban construction, highways and thermal power plants created massive jobs those began crashing with a series of scams, incl. coal scam in year 2011. Coal mines allocation was blocked by the Supreme Court.

While the solar energy was talk of the town since beginning of this millennium, but large implementation happening on ground began after year 2014 and these slowly started replacing the anyways slowed-down thermal power sector. So electrical engineering and power storage (battery) industry began picking up.   


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