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“Career Selection” should begin at high school level, itself. Knowledge of : (i) practical field aspects, (ii) variety of career-options with their pros & cons, (iii) current job scenario & future industry trends, as well as, (iv) individual's capabilities match & preferences - is essential, for good decision making. Our rich experience can shape your professional life, the best.

Best Career Choice - How To Make It Big 2020 Onwards

Professional Career world around us is changing fast and India's job market has already witnessed considerable up & downs since Year 2000. 

Boom in the Telecom & Digital segment, Banking & Financial Services, Computer Science, Software & Applications, Civil Engineering, Thermal Power - followed & overtaken by Solar Power, Online Services...travel, health, hospitality & retail sector, etc. are just some of the examples which created millions of Career Opportunities during last 20 years. The rising environmental concerns for past few year, however, impacted the thermal power sector also in the background of coal scam during 2010 - 12, by Congress led UPA Govt., led to evaporate thousands of power professional's career but then witnessing upswing in solar power.

While all dynamics in professional Career space are inevitable but most significant, ever, is being aware about the changes in our society and anticipated future trends. Such awareness in background of self analysis is utmost important for a wise, foresighted decision making to ensure a successful onset of a career journey. Following video shall help the objective.    

Something similar is also on the cards for the automotive sector that's awaiting a massive turbulence for much talked about E-mobility. Electric traction revolution in the passenger cars & light commercial vehicle segment will lead to shutting down a major part of automobile mechanical components industry. It will also curtail the petrol-diesel consumption, thereby impacting all associated industry. Simultaneously, the batteries and e-charging related infrastructure, relevant industrial arena will rise tremendously - with a major shuffle in the automobile industry's Career and Job market. 

Post Corona phase will witness higher emphasis on cyber space, virtual meetings, digital marketing and other internet based work assignments, health & hygiene sector, water & waste water, clean power (solar, bio-diesel, gasification, etc.), solid waste (e-waste & municipal waste) management, digital revolution, e-commerce industry, mobile apps, robotics, defence manufacturing...all of which shall require Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation & Chemical engineering & Micro-biology professionals with varied education levels. Traditional professional and business domains like - medical, legal, mass communication, analytics, financial & insurance services, security gadgets & services, etc. are here to stay for ever.
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