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“Career Selection” should begin at high school level, itself. Knowledge of : (i) practical field aspects, (ii) variety of career-options with their pros & cons, (iii) current job scenario & future industry trends, as well as, (iv) individual's capabilities match & preferences - is essential, for good decision making. Our rich experience can shape your professional life, the best.

Choosing Career At High School Level - Why Students Need To Plan Early.

There is an old proverb : "The Horse That Arrives Early - Gets Good Drinking Water". 

Career Choice once made is like a marriage that one has to carry on for balance part of life and this is usually a long span of about 40 years. Therefore, everybody must plan well for choosing career - else either a change late or compulsive compromise in life costs to heavy.

Exploring career options, evaluating them and focusing upon the most suitable ones - is highly rewarding for a long, successful & rejoiceful working life. Moreover, recently announced  India's New Education Policy  in India, NEP 2020 is all set to introduce several key changes in our higher study's  pattern. And it shall have a certain impact upon career choices and jobs as well. 

There are 5 golden rules for choosing career and following these shall be quite rewarding.


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