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“Career Selection” should begin at high school level, itself. Knowledge of : (i) practical field aspects, (ii) variety of career-options with their pros & cons, (iii) current job scenario & future industry trends, as well as, (iv) individual's capabilities match & preferences - is essential, for good decision making. Our rich experience can shape your professional life, the best.

Career Choice - How To Choose A Career That Pays Well, Also Keeping You Happy.

Making the right Career Choice is a complex subject and it goes a long way making a big difference in everybody's life.

Each one of us has some unique talent that often remains hidden until it's explored. Our career choices do not make us desirably successful unless we work hard upon it intelligently and with full dedication. Wise career guidance and coaching by seasoned, experienced mentors is also a very essential component, All of us have different personalities, preferences & outlook towards life. Combination of all these factors makes each individual more suitable for a specific set of assignments - as we choose a particular career..

Imagine if Sachin Tendulkar would have opted for a singing career or ISRO Chief K. Sivan had ventured into some sports or business field... what could have been their fate?


Honest self assessment with desired follow-up actions are all likely to lead everyone into a successful career. However, this part is mostly ignored and career choice is made with a simple herd mentality, under pressure or by blindly following others.

Take a small 5 minutes self-test and it will certainly help you for preliminary stages. Watch the video below and do share in the comments column - (i)  your result and  (ii) feedback or queries about the same.

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